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Experienced Hotel & Motel Construction Services in Huntsville, AL

We are not your average construction contractor. Integrity is one of our core values, which means we are honest and do things right. We work to earn customers’ trust to build long-term relationships with them rather than making a quick buck. Being a hospitable industry-leading construction contractor, we have built a reputation where people love to work, love the experience, and love the results. Our experienced and professional technicians know construction work from the ground up, turning ideas into power reality and award-winning projects. Concentrating on details, we strive to bring your dreams to life.

Winner Team Construction Builds an Unforgettable Experience

Winner Team Construction is a solution-oriented construction company in Huntsville,  AL, bringing a wide range of experiences to our customers. We plan, build, and renovate Huntsville’s most elegant leisure properties from houses, enterprise offices, motels, to hotels. Moreover, we have been working alongside many well-known names in the hospitality industry and create a unique entertainment experience. Whether you need a five-star hotel or a full-service motel, Winner Team Construction is committed to delivering projects on fast-track schedules to meet customer goals efficiently. With industry-leading techniques and modern tools, we complete every project confidently.

Hotel Renovation

Renovating an operating hotel needs a managerial approach and experience to make the construction process seamless and fast. Our techniques and strategies have evolved over numerous hotel renovation projects. These projects have taught us to meet unique customer goals, respond to challenges, and deal with different circumstances. Our consistent and efficient approach has made us one of the best hotel renovation contractors in Huntsville, AL. We provide all our services to meet your hotel renovation needs at an affordable pricing quote. For any hotel construction and renovation, you can call our experienced and reliable technicians at (256) 527-1403.

State-of-the-Art Hotel Construction Services in Madison County AL

Partnering with an experienced contractor who is actively involved in the design and early stages of a project assures that the best design and construction decisions are made, resulting in a superior end product and the best customer experience. Our hotel construction services in Madison County AL are unparalleled in terms of quality and expertise. We manage the schedule to ensure project phases are completed and handed over to hotel operations at the right time. Winner Team Construction Inc. makes sure all materials are installed according to plans, specifications, and brand standards to deliver the highest quality results. We also control the project budget to ensure all costs are tracked, and team members are fully informed.
Our site assessments, building plans, and tender templates allow us to provide accurate estimates at every stage of planning. We maximize quality and value for our customers through our long-term relationships with subcontractors and suppliers. Our team of professionals works seamlessly to develop a construction schedule that meets your needs. When constructing and renovating new hotels, our diligent pre-planning results in increased building efficiency, functionality, and sustainability, enabling owners to make informed decisions.

Designing and Building Attractive Hotels to Promote Your Business Image

For the hotel industry, appearances are crucial. Elegant and relaxing accommodations attract first-time travelers and encourage repeat visits. Winner Team Construction’s vast experience in hotel construction services in Madison County AL has enabled us to provide our clients with superior results in a cost-effective and well-managed manner. We are very serious and professional in taking responsibility and differentiate ourselves from other general contractors through clear and open communication. We are committed to serving you as honestly, quickly, and reliably as possible.
The hospitality industry is all about cultivating a positive experience for your guests and visitors. Hotel construction work shouldn’t get in the way of this. At Winner Team Construction Inc., meeting our customers’ hospitality needs is most important. We have extensive experience executing multi-million-dollar renovations and additions with minimal disruption and expedited operations when needed.

Service Benefits


If you are not satisfied with us, we can provide you with customer referrals. If you still don’t want to rely on our professionals, you can hire another hotel construction company.

To give our customers peace of mind, our professional technicians have comprehensive insurance.

With years of experience, we choose quality materials to deliver long-lasting results. Our professionals will help you buy materials for your hotel construction project.